Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why do I do this?

Cleaned up my desk drawer at work today. Came across on old Biovail envelope clipped closed. Inside was the reminder of the worst days of my life. not sure why I do this stuff to myself, but instead of holding onto happy reminders I have kept the unused return portion of my airport shuttle that I never ended up needing. I kept my full coffee punch card that is good for a free coffee at Stollery that I will never get to use. I kept the East Side Mario's receipt for the dinner that Sharon and I had the night Kaity died. I kept the last cash advance paperwork we got from the social worker.

My day was going fine, now it's not. For a perfect life I am very sad.

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Ter said...

Ryan, you hold on to those items because they are a part of Kaity's life span, even if they are not apart of Kaity herself. I know I have kept some things that are not of good memories but they were part of that time of my life, so in a way those things matter, even if they don't really.