Monday, June 18, 2012

Wow, THAT was a long time

Three years and three months since my last blog post - I might set the record for the worlds worst blogger! Times have changed a lot since my last post, job changes for me and SWMBO, kids growing up, me getting older (and balder). Spending all my time zipping back and forth across the country these days, and it is starting to get old. Thank God I travel with a couple of collegues that I really like, otherwise this would be too much to handle. Hopefully it is all worth it in the end - the last personal sacrifice I made for the better of the career/family long term (moving to Ontario) ended up being a bit of a bust. Some would say it spawned this next bigger - better role, but my glass half empty mood today tells me otherwise. 6 years of design, implement, and improve have ended up reduced to exactly where they were in 2006 in one swoop of fate. Hopefully everything works out in the end and some of my hard work is not forgotten.

I miss my kids, I miss my wife, I miss my own crappy little house with all its required repairs.

Off to the gym to try to run away some of my blahs. Hopefully it works!